Awareness of Safeguarding

Recently, School Council have been improving the children’s awareness of safeguarding procedures as part of Yorkshire Safeguarding Week.
School Council members reviewed a child friendly safeguarding policy and carried out an assembly to raise awareness of different types of harm. Children in school have commented on how their understanding of safeguarding has developed as a result of the work School Council members have carried out.
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As part of West Yorkshire Safeguarding week, children across school have been learning about different ways to stay safe and the types of harm which they might encounter in their lives. School Council have shared a clear message of ‘speak out, stay safe’¬†following the NSPCC’s mascot Buddy. For more information about Safeguarding, please visit the NSPCC website:¬†
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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another new school year! Lots of children in school have been busy preparing speeches to convince their peers to give them an opportunity to be part of our School Council this year. We have decided to expand our School Council to allow children from Upper Foundation Stage to join our team. After counting all the votes, I am really pleased to announce our new members this year are as follows:

Upper Foundation
Elaina-Mai Petch
Kye Stogden

Year 1
Maci Corfield
Jaxson Warren

Year 2
Jessica Watkins
Alfie Smith

Year 3

Ayva Smith
Seth Booth

Lucas Slater
Charlie Fletcher

Year 4
Destiny Palmer
Coen-Chase Whitehead

Isabella Reay
Joshua Wilson

Year 5
Blake Mills
Eden Miller

Kyle McDade
Amelia Mooney

Year 6

Harriet Long
Sam Proctor-Shaw

Reuben Whiteley
Keira Taylor



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